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Women's Multi Coloured Salopettes

1600-1620 English Coif with forehead cloth at the Glasgow Museums, Glasgow - From the curators' comments: "It was customary for married women in the seventeenth century to cover their head. Coifs, a form of cap, such as this example, were worn informally at home. The accompanying forehead cloth is a rare survivor. These were often added when women were ill."


A married woman's multi-coloured beaded waist-belt (part of overall costume) consisting of a narrow band of vegetal fibre to which is attached a thick fringe of beaded pendant strands.

Beautiful Dark Winter purple. For everyone, our hair colour always look fantastic when we wear our intrinsic colours. Hair dye can actually be a hindrance to the overall harmony. It is never able to repeat the magical multi-dimensional tones of natural hair. This is more true after hair silvers than ever before.


Crane Pattern Overalls (BTBT03005

Vintage 80's Multi coloured Festival style Jumpsuit | Roxyvaletta | ASOS Marketplace


Crane Pattern Overalls (BTBT03005