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Women's 80s Looks

1984 A.J. Bari - I bought sooooooooooooo many A.J. Bari dresses - Loved the designs, fabric, fit, everything about themI spent a small fortune on them but damn I looked good! Irony - my son is named AJ :-) P.S. I sold ALL of them on E-Bay a year or so ago and made money on them - they sold like crazy!

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Rock & Roll Fashion Icons: The Women

Madonna. 1985 Movie: "Desperately Seeking Susan" - 80's Punk Chic. Layer after layer of lace and leggings. Fingerless gloves and sloppy tees. Innerware as outerwear.

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80srecordparty: Madonna by Helmut Newton

This is my tribute to the which I remember well... I was there !! I was a kid in the The fashion & music of today and the last few years are really taking me back and making me all...

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