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Women used fairy tales as a method of protest against the constraints society put on them. Many of the women in stories break societal rules, going on adventures by themselves or creating their own endings.

i love how this art was made. the girl right in the middle. <3

Abstract Woman Silhouette Painting Anything is possibleBelieve in your power create change

Proverbios 31:17,18. - Una esposa capaz. [...] Ha ceñido de fuerza sus caderas, y vigoriza sus brazos. Ha percibido intuitivamente que su comercio es bueno; su lámpara no se apaga de noche.

Proverbs - A capable wife.] He hath girded his hips with strength, and strengthened his arms. He has intuitively perceived that his trade is good;

“Eu sou assim. Tenho um milhão de defeitos. Sou volúvel. Sou viciada em gente. Adoro ficar sozinha. Mas eu vivo para sentir. Por isso, eu te peço. Me provoque. Me beije a boca. Me desafie. Me tire do sério.Me tire do tédio. Vire meu mundo do avesso! Mas, pelo amor de Deus, me faça sentir! Um beliscãozinho que for, me dê. Eu quero rir até a barriga doer. Chorar. ... Desculpa, nada é pouco quando o mundo é meu. Lispector.

Getting Over the Psychopath: Cultivating Indifference

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Saatchi Art Artist Loui Jover; Drawing, "horizon"


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Provides an example of human proportions. Doesn't seem very anatomically correct though, more cartoony, so it's less helpful.

My first SVG files : I have been looking into buying a Sillhouette Camo machine for awhile now, ever since I saw the wonderful way it cuts .

So, a variation on this theme, the pregnant belly & face closest to the source of diffusion.

Photography inspiration

Carl Jung said that "the Shadow is the person that we’d rather not be.” The Shadow is often projected onto other individuals or groups. Anything that we judge in others is often a hidden part of our self that we deny or of which we are ashamed.

Sun Face Wall Art | Beautiful Woman Face Premium Removable Wall Decor Decal "Lola" - Signs ...

Sun Face Wall Art | Beautiful Woman Face Premium Removable Wall Decor Decal "Lola" - Signs ...