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Spiritual Warfare: Wolf Pack Dynamics.The opponent to Christ uses his packs 'in' & 'out' of the pagan religion domain to network together with psychological warfare mentality of the wolf mindset, ascribed to their thought processes aligned to the lower spiritual realms. Using world resources, in particular the internet to join their packs, the ranking behaviours are of the wolf pack dynamics, discernible via the nature & content of their message terrritorial scent markings there from. Rev…


The wolf has a very real connection to the Moon and calls to the Mother - it touches the soul when you hear the wolf cry - it speaks to that part of us that KNOWS ️LO


Uouuu!...I´m So Lucky...I´ve Just Found My Kind Of Page...Samissomar´s Pinterests Are Leading The Way !...


There's more violence during full moons, say police Beautiful moon. Signing off for tonight. Have fun pinting. If you see this on Twitter have fun twitting. The Incensewoman


Free Halloween Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Templates and Printable Stencils and Photo Gallery of Carved Pumpkins


While I sleep Catch my dreams In your soft embrace And let them fall gently Covering me with infinite grace While I sleep Carry my dreams To the moon and far above In the howl and heart of a wolf With peace and love. Wolf-Dreams Of Peace prose by Carol Cavalaris This painting of a wolves within a dream catcher, honoring the spirit and beauty of the wolf, is from the Dream CatcherCollection of art by Carol Cavalaris.