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Wold Of Tanks

BRITISH ARMY NORMANDY 1944 (B 5084) Troops and vehicles of 3rd Division waiting to move inland from Sword Beach, 6 June 1944.


FRENCH FIRST WORLD WAR OFFICIAL EXCHANGE COLLECTION (Q 58340) British troops coming out of the trenches. Guillemont, Somme.


Sgt F J Petrie and Sapper L Roberts examine a captured German 'Panzerschreck' anti-tank weapon during the offensive south of Caumont, 31 July 1944.


A Sherman Firefly tank and infantry of 11th Armoured Division during the advance in Belgium, 10 September 1944


Like the Germans, the British had a number of long-range railway guns that could fire across the English Channel. The photo shows the 18-inch railway gun 'Boche-Buster' firing from a cutting near Bishopsbourne in Kent, 7 May 1941.