This listing consists of an entire five piece, one-of-a-kind, handmade, womens Voodoo Priestess Costume. This will be my only womens costume I list

DREAM BOHEMIAN Voodoo Priestess Swamp Witch Doctor Magic Laveau Gypsy Pirate Halloween Costume

Wow! One year my husband was Baron Samedi, and he used some of my old vintage fabric to add some pizazz to his costume..then he got paint on it lol...this pic somehow reminded me of our photo..Witch Doctor & Voodoo Doll Halloween Costume | Costume_Works

Witch Doctor and Voodoo Doll Costume

Model for a hat I will make before the next Dorian's.  Starting to figure out what my role at Dorian's will be.  I think I am more interested in creep than cool.  Might not be popular with the ladies but hey, it's about the art, right?

New Steampunk Mens Brown Tall Top Hat with Skeleton & Cards. Brown Mens Tall Top Hat with brown crock band, clock parts, peacock feather, skeleton,

Dread Wig · Peluca de Rastas. DIY Tutorial idea para Halloween. Facil, easy, barato, cheap!

Makeup by Keevanski. DIY Peluca Rastas de Lana · Merino Wool Dreadlock Wig Tutorial · Tribal Cosplay Makeup Halloween Ideas Voodoo Skull Priestess Witch Doctor by Keevanski

Sugar skull                                                                                                                                                     More

Sugar skull - Skull inspiration - black and white skull make-up with platinum blonde hair - rock star gothic style

Baron Samedi... Very impressive                              …

Morning cup of random 01/06/16 (25 photos)

Baron Samedi is a Loa of the dead and a fun charracter in this book. He sure does like his top hats, cigars, and rum.

Voodoo or Witch Doctor Septre,  Ebay

Voodoo Witch Doctor Septre Costume Accessory Halloween Haunted House Horror

Witch Doctor from Diablo III  Cosplayer: Methyl Ethyl Cosplay  Photographer: Bokeholics

Cosplayer: Methyl Ethyl Cosplay Photographer: Bokeholics Character: Witch Doctor From: Diablo III Country: USA

Voodoo Priest/Priestess Witch Doctor Bone by MinusTideJewelry. A witch doctor's necklace can be composed of various components such as tigereye stone, golden lip shell, agate claw, talon, bone skull, and fang.

Voodoo Priest/Priestess, Witch Doctor Bone Necklace - Tigereye, Golden Lip Shell, Agate Claw, Talon, Bone Skull, Fang

Witch Doctor #cosplay Quebec City Comiccon 2015

Quebec City Comiccon 2015 - Photo by Geeks are Sexy