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Wispa Recipes

Slow Cooker Chocolate and Mint Aero Bubble Cake

Slow cooker mint aero cake. I don't buy Nestle products so will use Malteasers, Crunchums, Caramel Nibbles, Crunchie Rocks, Twirl Bites, Bitsa Wispa etc.


Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies


Best Hot chocolate recipe ☕️ 1) take a packet of cadburys hot chocolate powder(I used the wispa one u can choose any Powder you want) and put into a mug I 2) add hot water as much as you want to fill your mug 3) take 3/4 squares of chocolate and drop them into the mug 4) next use squirty cream and squirt in a circular motion over the top of the mug so it makes a sorta ice cream swirl 5) now get some chocolate chips or grate some of the unused chocolate on the cream and enjoy