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this is one of my favorites lol

Man forgets he is married after surgery…

from Berry

Girl thinks she’s a wizard after wisdom teeth removal (video)


This is what happens when dancers get their wisdom teeth out. The girl gave her mom permission to post this after she was off the anesthesia, she doesn't remember any of this.

from BuzzFeed

This Girl Coming Out Of Wisdom Teeth Surgery Is Devastated To Learn She Isn't A NASCAR Driver

Getting put under for having your wisdom teeth out does some funky things to you. Enter Annie, who believes she's a NASCAR driver with "tattoos on her hands" who "just won the World Series of being the fastest NASCAR driver."

Identical Twins Get Wisdom Teeth Removed | Funny Reactions @freespirit0726 you have to watch the last minute. (Starts around 31:30)

Murdered My Wisdom Teeth. I can't stop laughing. Literally love wisdom teeth videos and this is the best one yet