500ml Pimm's   500ml brandy   1½ l apple juice   ice   2 cinnamon sticks   apple , sliced   orange , sliced

Winter Pimm's punch

Pimms Winter Punch Pimm's brandy l apple juice ice 2 cinnamon sticks apple, sliced orange, sliced Combine the Pimm’s and brandy with the apple juice in a jug filled with ice, cinnamon sticks and a sliced apple and orange.

Spicy Winter Pimms Punch

Spicy Winter Pimm's Punch

You can make this punch without the brandy, but it does give a delicious kick (and it is Christmas!

Mulled wine by Laura Domingo

Blood orange mulled wine

Brandy and Wine. Helping You Select That Perfect Bottle Of Wine. The wine tasting hobby has shown growth in the past few years. No longer relegated to the rich or the snobbish, wine is a fascinating drink and a wonderful

Winter Pimms homemade with normal pimms

Winter Pimms

In December I discovered homemadeWinter Pimms online and have never looked back! I say homemade because you can buy Winter Pimms in a bottle but I’d put good money on it not being anywh…

Winter Pimms Drinks Beautiful Rustic Fairy Lights Barn Wedding http://whitestagweddings.com/

Beautiful & Rustic Fairy Lights Barn Wedding


Because I get to eat and drink as much as I want, and I do it surrounded by all my favourite people. The festive season is now upon us and I’m sure many of you will be (over)…



pimm's winter

Pimms, apple juice, 1 apple and an orange chopped into small chunks, 1 cinnamon stick. Heat everything together until simmering, remove cinnamon when ready to serve!