A look at a range of different #wines and just what temperature they should be served #Infographic #infografía

Optimum Wine Serving Temperatures

Optimal Wine Temps: Most red wine is consumed too warm and most white wine is served too cold. The correct temperature in wine can make a significant difference.

Great guide for keeping your wine at the proper temperature.

Wine temperature chart tells you the optimal storage and serving temperature for different wines

great infographic for keeping wine at the right temperature#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

"Cool, dark and Sideways" Infographic on wine storage conditions to protect any bottles you might want to hang onto for a while.

For the best tasting wine, following the proper storage and serving temperatures is crucial. Here's a guide to figuring out the correct wine temperatures.

Wine Serving & Storage Temperatures :: INFOGRAPHIC

How to correctly hold your drink correctly. // #food

How to Properly Hold Each Drink Glass

How to correctly hold your drink correctly. Please note: if someone is pressed about how you hold your glass, they are being pretentious elitist and do not deserve the presence of your company.

Wine 101: decanting, serving temperature & using the proper glass

Wine 101: decanting, serving temperature & using the proper glass

Infographics - Art Of The Wine Cellar...I need this so I can build the wine cellar of my dreams in my new house! www.annjaneliving.com

This Wine Cellar Infographic was developed to help educate wine enthusiasts on wine cellaring and serving. The Art of the Wine Cellar is a quick visual.

white wine temperature red wine temperature

Red and White Wine Temperature Guide

Serving wine at the correct temperature is critical to bringing out all of its complexities!

What temp to serve wine & champagne. Tho it's actually best to serve white wine at room temp in a chilled glass. Learned that one when I worked for an employee of Robert Mondavi.

At what temperature should you serve your favorite wine?

Gambino Winery - Wine Infographics - Wondering what temperature to serve that Champagne? Check out this info-graphic for the ideal temperature sweet spots.

Wine Storing & Serving Temps: Tips for Holiday Hosting. Each has a perfect serving temperature.