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How to Make a Wine Bottle Chandelier -

How to Make a Bottle Chandelier Tutorial. Watch the video to recycle your old wine bottles into a lighting fixture. #DIY #project #craft


Oversized Reclaimed Wood Wine Bottle Chandelier - Dining Room Lighting, Wine Bar Lighting

One of a kind designed exclusively by Industrial Lightworks Reclaimed Wood Wine Bottle Chandelier. This wine bottle chandelier is handmade


Ideas for Reusing Glass Bottles


Every Household, usually after every party, every Christmas dinner, every Reunion, every gathering, and family event, ends up with with a large pile of glass and liquor bottles. What a better way to find a reuse for them than turning these items to decorate your home.Some people turn them into lamps, into chandeliers, into planters, into serving platters, salt and pepper shakers, soap dispensers and other beautiful things.The glass bottles used can be made from wine, brandy, beer, and any…


Unique Chandeliers Made Out Of Recycled Wine Bottles

Lights -- The tinted glass of wine bottles makes them ideal for diffusing light and delivering an ambient glow. Here, a custom-made chandelier casts appealing light above a dining room table.


20 Bright Ideas DIY Wine & Beer Bottle Chandeliers

Looking for a great DIY home decor project? We’ve got a bright idea for you! Why not make a DIY wine or beer bottle chandelier. Most of us save our wine or beer bottles today to recycle, so its easy to put them aside for a craft project. Your family and friends will admire your …


Heart Waffle Iron

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