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Japanese breakthrough will make wind power cheaper than nuclear

aerodynamic innovation in wind turbine design called the 'wind lens' could triple the output of a typical wind turbine, making it less costly than nuclear power.

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For the cost of an iPhone, you can now buy a wind turbine that can power an entire house for a lifetime - ORGANIC AND HEALTHY

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This wind powered generator starts making energy at 2 mph.--if chickenwire or such screen cage was put around it to protect birds

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Honeycomb 'Wind Lens' Turbines Could Boost Energy Generation 3X

wind lens turbine, kyushu university, yokohama, wind power, wind energy, green design, sustainable design

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Rooftop Mounted Wind Turbine Ventilator. High Output Vertical Axis Wind Powered Generator design operates independently of the wind direction. The unit produces electricity in all wind speeds and never shuts down in high winds. They are Bird friendly, lightweight, and may be self-installed. Guaranteed year round low cost 24/7 reliable clean wind power. Hurricane Rated for use in high wind areas!