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Love this but couldn't walk by it in my house without singing, "Restless heart, sleep alone tonight...."


Group B; National Geographic Magazine. The map shows the data of wind direction, temperature and pressure in a storm by using arrows, colouring and line types respectively.


Isobars: lines which join points of equal mean-sea-level-pressure; represent stational pressure readings reduced to sea level to eliminate the effects of the different heights of the reporting stations; usually given as hecto-pascals (hpa) or millibars (mbar); determine the location and intensity of weather-producing disturbances: lows, highs, troughs, ridges

'Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet.' S Vivekananda Not kidding by some chain of events on this adventure and from encounters with people in the last month I've ended up with the world literally on my feet today. Now at a point where I could go in any direction for the first time and have been a little lost working out which way. The compass has been showing up everywhere I go lately too..One line that's stuck in my mind which @xavierruddofficial says 'So which way is...


Vaavud wind meter V 2.0

Vaavud wind meter V 2.0 / The world’s first handheld device to measure both wind speed and direction.


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