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Win For Life

The New, Old Rules for Winning Fans & Influencing Followers by @John_G_Olson + carnegie's principles of social influence

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death mine quote depressed depression suicide kill anxiety writing self harm cut cutter cutting sadness poem razor blade panic attack self harmmm

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rape culture. Why we need feminism. Fight for gender equality. Woman should not be measured by their appearance or sexual appeal!

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This...words for a woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock and a baby out of wedlock...bit not the man who abandoned them.

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Blog for Mental Health 2014- A Continuing Journey

You haven't been through what we seen, so don't even think about saying anything again. ❤️

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Let’s Beat It Together – What Hobbies and Activities are Good for Mental Health?

Are you looking for ways to be #healthier? Start with these 11 tips to live and feel better! | 915.544.3636

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Not to mention that it was a personally very terrible year for me

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