(2246) Rossini: William Tell Overture: Final - YouTube

(2246) Rossini: William Tell Overture: Final - YouTube

william tell and the rhythm sticks.dv

William Tell Overture with rhythm sticks (form). Add a listening map to guide the lesson. Change for dif sub stop the music solve math prob on the stick etc

The Civic Musical Road in Lancaster, CA - the finale for the William Tell Overture plays when you drive down it!

Civic Musical Road

Honda's Musical Highway - Lancaster, CA 2009 Honda Civic Musical Road Avenue G between and St W. William Tell Overture

Musical highway in Lancaster, CA. It plays The William Tell Overture. Apparently sounds best when driving a Honda. Seriously.

Drive the musical highway in Lancaster, CA. Stragecially placed rumble strips cause your car's tires to "play" 'The William Tell Overture' as you drive over them as the proper speed. Apparently sounds best when driving a Honda.

Want to listen to a poor quality, out-of-tune rendition of a famous melody when driving your car? No need for an expensive car stereo, a singing road can do this using wheel vibrations

Singing Roads--the one in Lancaster, CA plays a horrifically out-of-tune rendition of the William Tell Overture when you drive over the road grid with variable spacing and depths.

"Musical Road" in Lancaster, CA:  Drive over the rumble strip and you'll hear the William Tell Overture.

Musical road Lancaster , Ca--one of my favorite places to take visitors to Antelope Valley - things to do in the Antelope Valley or near Edwards Air Force Base EAFB

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The Digital Glamour of Marcelo Monreal

OPI William tell me !

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The Monument for William Tell, Swiss National Hero of Liberty ~ in Altdorf

The legend of Switzerland's national hero of liberty William Tell with pictures from Tell's chapel, Friedrich Schiller's drama

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1307 – William Tell shoots an apple off his son's head | Back in the Day: William Tell’s apple-shot | euronews, world news

world news - *November According to Swiss legend this is the date on which folk hero William Tell shoots a crossbow bolt through an apple placed on his son’s head.

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