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Will uk leave eu

After panic Saturday, it's chaos Sunday! Christmas shoppers spend £1.5million-a-minute in last-minute dash to the stores

After panic Saturday, it's chaos Sunday! Christmas shoppers spend…


Brexit: What happens now?

"The process to take the UK out of the European Union starts with invoking Article 50 and will take at least two years from that point.": #Brexit #BBC


UK risks being left 'less safe' after Brexit, peers warn

Brexit: UK will be less safe after leaving EU unless 'critical' security deals are kept

Before and after Brexit: Photo highlights of British politics in 2016: Brexit: Leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage reacts at the Leave.EU referendum party at Millbank Tower in London, as results indicate that it looks likely the UK will leave the European Union on 24 June 2016. Geoff Caddick/AFP

REVEALED: SECRET MAP shows what European nations REALLY think of 'doomed’ EU

The EU is thoroughly embedded with Technocracy in that it is completely run by unelected and unaccountable technocrats. Member states are getting fed up with the arrangement and view the EU as on its last legs. The outcome will be interesting to watch, because if the EU falls apart, it will be a major blow to Technocrats everywhere that their crackpot schemes are not acceptable.


Sorry Kids! And Other Europeans... Brexit

Rachel Lankester rues the day the UK voted to leave the EU and looks at the impact it will have on British young people and their fellow Europeans.


UK will vote to leave EU if reform is ‘cosmetic’, says Philip Hammond

UK will vote to leave EU if reform is ‘cosmetic’, says Philip Hammond Foreign secretary says real changes must be made over how membership works and the independence of sovreign nations to make their own decisions Philip Hammond on the Andrew Marr Show.

Petition: Provide Fair Financial Support for Fostering and Adoption Families

Kinship and Foster Carers go through the same checks, training and have the same role as a non-related carer. Yet, there is a clear disparity in the financial support offered by local authorities. This support then ceases, in part, once the carer wishes to apply for SGO or adopts the child!


French mayor name street after Brexit as Front National paves way for FREXIT

Nigel Farage France Brexit European Union. French are to name a street "BREXIT" in honour of the great event. France must leave the EU next and that will trigger the complete destruction of what must be the most evil institution since that of NAZI Germany. Come on France, the people of the UK and the free world are with you. Fail to escape now and you are doomed forever with the pending destruction of your remaining laws and systems! jp.

Hard Brexit will be a 'mission impossible' Britain, warns german car chief

A hard Brexit preferred by Theresa May will be a "mission impossible" as the EU and the UK would face "massive negative effects" if Britain leaves the single market, the head of the German automobile industry association has warned,