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Independence Day [1996] [DVD]: Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell, Judd Hirsch, Robert Loggia, Randy Quaid, Margaret Colin, Vivica A. Fox, James Rebhorn, Harvey Fierstein, Adam Baldwin, Roland Emmerich: Film & TV

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I Am Legend (2007)

I Am Legend (2007) Will Smith, Alice Braga. When a terrible virus spreads across the planet and turns the human race into bloodthirsty mutants, civilization's last hope for survival lies with scientist Robert Neville, the only person unaffected by the epidemic...9a

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COLLATERAL BEAUTY. Compelling film - so moving. Brilliantly directed and cast (still don't get Kiera Knightley though, tbh).

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I, Robot (2004)

Fun movie, nothing like the book, thank goodness, what a slow mo that would have been

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Enemy of the State (1998)

Enemy of the State (Will Smith, Gene Hackman) - 66% - An exciting action thriller.

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Hitch (2005)- My favorite Will Smith Movie

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men in black is a great alien and action movie. will smith brings great humor to the film. Men in Black II and III are just as good as the 1st. A rarity.

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Focus (2015)

Recommended by - New York City Online Magazine…

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I picked this movie because Will Smith is in it and it looks very interesting.

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Will Smith On Jared Leto’s ‘Suicide Squad’ Method Acting: ‘I’ve Never Actually Met Jared Leto’


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