Good morning my Beautiful Angel, I love you so much! So much I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you...I miss you like crazy...actually more than crazy...I just dont know what's words describe that. Your smile and laugh ...and you in general make everything better for me...I love you for that...I appreciate you for that...I will devote my life to showing you how thankful I am to you for that...I love you my Beautiful Angel...I promise Your "My Love"

This is what i want you to understand baby. I will love you forever till the end

I will always love you, Tricia.  Always.  I will miss you until I see you again.  I hold onto my dream!

I miss u dad.we all miss you more than words can convey.I can't stand this sadness.But knowing I will see you again in heaven makes me so HAPPY. Tu me manques.

I just wish I would've known when we had our last talk. I miss him terribly

Christopher Robin says goodbye to Pooh. No heart will remain untouched. <<This is the saddest thing I believe I have ever read.

I loved you my whole life

Missing you, Joe. I will love you, my precious son, forever and always - Mom

Quotes Of The Day - 12 Pics

Quotes Of The Day - 12 Pics

This is true. But Emily, I love you... The past will forever not determine our future. I love you so much baby girl. Always 1/25/16

I miss someone who isn't mine to miss.I dream about someone who isn't mine to dream about.I love someone who isn't mine to's been a year, I still miss you.

With All My Heart , I Will Miss You Forever Robbie ♥♥♥

With All My Heart , I Will Miss You Forever Rhonda Elizabeth

I know that I will miss you until we are together again ~

Missing You: 22 Honest Quotes About Grief I think I’ll miss you forever, like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies. Aren -> Grace (I need him to say something like this)