Crying is how your heart speaks

Crying is how your heart speaks, when your lips can't explain the pain you feel. LunaRip- Yeah than I Must have A Lot Of Pain for my heart to release.

First Grade Wow: Pets Rock! Especially non-living ones!!

& Living Song& (Tune: & Jacques& This song is great to add to a unit on living and non-living things because it will help the students to remember what makes something living. Also, kids will have a lot of fun learning a song and singing in the classroom.

ariana grande, one last time

Cause you give me chills, everytime we chill. I spend all of my days, doin doin nothing but lovin ya, nothin but lovin ya baby~Ariana grande! I love that song!

don't listen to Hamilton at works, guys

IN COMMAND WHERE YOU BELONG >>> How you say, no sweat we're finally on the field. immigrants: we get the job done. I go back to France, bring freedom to my people, if I am given the chance.

There's nobody I liked singing with more... you always had a song ♥♥♥ Robbie and Mom forever ( DH )

There's nobody I liked singing with more. you always had a song ♥♥♥ Robbie and Mom forever ( DH )

Wise man, Carl Jung. Some people will always irritate us, and trying to change THAT is a fools errand. But if we can perceive WHAT it is about them that irritates us, and HOW they can push and even manipulate our buttons, we can approach them with sympathy, or at worse pity, but not  frustration or anger.

"Without anger there is no enemy. When hatred consumes us we perceive enemies everywhere" -- Pema Chodron

take needs into my own hands. I know you wont believe this but if things really dont go in my favor ans i truly am fucked i will do something so you do truly know but i hope you still hate me i hope you hate me worse after taking time from your life to read this. Oh hey listen to the song dead silence my proof on my body will be from that song.

Yet in all my blinded rage, I didn't notice the person who was hurting me the most was you.