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Memory Monday - Week 77

“But the Lord says, “Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago. Watch for the new thing I am going to do. It is happening already—you can see it now! I will make a road through the wilderness and give you streams of water there.”

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Think outside. No box required. | Adventure | Camping in wilderness | Dangerous | Living on the edge | Mountains | River rapids |

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Take me to a quiet place. With earth under our backs, cradled in a forest glade. There we will point out things we see and acknowledge those things we do not in solitude, we take in the wisdom offered in each other and take in the hum of the forest.

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The Wild Woman has a deep love of Nature, A love for the Ancient Mother, though possibly misunderstood, it has always been in her. When she goes into the wilderness, a part of her is Soul is going home. WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™

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"My heart, the bird of the wilderness, has found it's sky in your eyes." #quotes #writing #beautiful

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