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||FC: Unknown.|| Good day to you. I am Lady Greyback but you will address me as Miss or Mistress or even Miss. Greyback. I will be very firm with you and I will give you no mercy. You will follow my rules and you will not help anyone, unless it is commanded. Anything to say, come say it now or do not speak at all!

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the hat of hats - wild west media-cache-ec0.p

"Have we not heard the chimes at midnight?" Perhaps, but that doesn't mean the bell tolls for thee. Control time (at least in your wondrous imagination) with a mid-crown top hat we call THE TIME PORT. In inky black or dusky brown leather, THE TIME PORT is


Mdlle Octavia, Snake Charmer, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Pc

Octavia, the snake charmer headlined Buffalo Bill's Wild West show and was called "the Yankee Snake Charmer." She toured Great Britain with the show and appeared somewhat demure in images.