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Chinese Art | Learn Mandarin Chinese

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St. Hubertus - Unterhaltsam und informativ durch die Welt der Jagd Benutzername: sthubertus Passwort: st@hubertus1 Web: Android: Apple:

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Plumage color influences choice of mates and sex of chicks in Gouldian Finches, Erythrura gouldiae

Gouldian Finch - Of all the Australian grass the Gouldian Finch is the most striking. it lives in large flocks in the north of Australia on open grassy plains with scattered tall trees near sources of permanent water. Gouldian finches avoid human habitation. (ref: Reader's Digest Complete Book of Australian Birds).

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Unsure Puffin, taken at Skomer Island, Wales

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Homemade Bird Suet

Homemade Bird Suet Recipe | Don't forget the birds this winter! Make up a suet with products you probably already have.

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