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Sniffs 'N Wiggles Pet Wellness Boutique- Soap free Shampoo, Dog Toys, Pet odor Candles display, Eco-friendly, organic, USA made


Wiggle it, just a little bit. Well quite a lot really (gif - click picture to play and smile)


The most powerful antidepressant has 4 paws, fur, and a wagging tail. #doglove #mansbestfriend


Lachlan loves the Wiggles and Wags in particular. Cake is a triple batch of homemade butter cake and iced with Vienna Cream with chocolate and licorice to decorate.




My puppy will definitely be at my wedding!!! http://@Katie Solsten you can walk him down the aisle! ___ Dogs Lover?? Visit our website now! :-)

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So unbelievably true! More people need to learn how to love in such a pure and unconditional way.


TO BE DESTROYED 07/31/16**AVERAGE RATED!**A volunteer writes: Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wag, wag, wag. Little George is open for business! 1.5 year-old George, a Tootsie roll on four legs, is sweet, silly, and a tiny bit shy. On our first meeting George is initially nervous and reluctant to leave his kennel for our walk despite wag, wag, wagging throughout it all. But after a few kind words and a few delicious treats George is ready to go! Well, almost ready. The shelter’s halls prove a bit…

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This Home Is Full Of Wags and Wiggles Dog Chevron Burlap Floral Wreath

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop