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The Wolf & the Raven The Wolf and the Raven are often mentioned together in Mythology, Lore and Scripture. In Nature, the Wolf and Raven have an important relationship. Wolves use Ravens as aerial spotters for possible sources of food, as well as using them to alert them of any danger ahead. The Raven also gains from this relationship with the Wolf. Being carrion birds, Ravens share in the feast provided by the Wolves when they bring down their prey.


If by "goddess" you mean "person who has the dubious honor of being the one to pay the largest amount of fines in one lifetime." ;)

from Mail Online

Thomas Hardy's beloved home to throw its doors open to the madding crowd

Thomas Hardy and his second wife Florence are pictured outside Max Gate with their dog Wessex in 1914. The pooch was buried in the pet's cemetery in the garden in 1926