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Daughter Accidentally Finds Her Mother Having An Affair. This Is Priceless.

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- Exciting New Love! - Will You Find It ? Look here -

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When Paula discovers her husband is having an affair, she doesn't cry or shout or demand that he move out. Instead, she hatches a plan for revenge. Paula wants to make Robert fall back in love with her. She's going to be the perfect wife.

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Someone asked me when I fell for Spencer. I can’t remember. It was right away. We started our first picture together and I knew right away that I found him irresistible. Just exactly that, irresistible… We just passed twenty-seven years together in what was to me absolute bliss. Katharine Hepburn | ME: Stories of my Life

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'Dusk' #atticuspoetry #atticus #poetry #poem #quote #love #darkestdays #findyourwild #beauty #dusk #forever

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