Wide angle photography

Check out these wide-angle lens quick tips from Canon! You’ll see a few easy ways to make your photos feel way more epic.

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Learn the 5 biggest mistakes made by beginners using a wide angle lens, and how to avoid them so you can take more interesting photos.

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One Tip to Utilize Your Ultra-Wide Angle Lens

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dslr lenses- get to know all about telephoto, prime lenses, wide angle and kit lenses! Which to use for faces, which to use for places, and everything in between. (great info for beginner photographers) #photography #DSLR #camera

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Learn how to use a wide-angle lens in creative, unexpected ways for images that break the mold and really wow your viewers. On Craftsy!

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What are the characteristics of landscape photography? - Wide - Good composition - Colour - Filters - Detail What equipment is typically used? Digital camera, wide angle lens, low ISO What kinds of cameras are used for landscape photography? Film or digital This photograph was taken by Charlie Waite. He uses a deep depth of field and leading lines in this photo.

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