LOVE THIS! Mindy Kaling talks about confidence in her new book, "Why Not Me?" that comes out in September. #MindyKaling #WhyNotMe

I've been attacked too many times by too many people to be exact women. I just don't understand why they don't like me so much all I did is minding my own business. Just ignore those sad people.

Mindy Kaling's new book "Why Not Me?" Just Made Us Want September to Get Here ASAP! #LevoBrief

The Brief: Mindy Kaling Just Made Us Want September to Get Here ASAP

I was a shy kid, an awkward teenager, an under confident young man, and now, at 46 years old, I'm the happiest I've ever been. Why? Because I've found the confidence to express myself, to achieve my potential as a human being, to taste self-actualisation, to break free from stifling negativity, to share time and space with good people, and to choose life-enriching experiences over materialism and societal expectations.  Life is not easy, it's not supposed to be. You are going to have really…

There are days I doubt this is true but staying where I am: unhappy and scared, is worse.

It's time to put YOU first. Start by joining your ready-made girl gang... #BossBabe(Step Quotes)

Yup, always have. Take care of your self and when someone needs help you step up. Even if you have to work a little harder. Good things come to those to hustle.

i tried and i was there for you when no one else was and what did you do? oh...thts right.. you screwed me over.

It's sad to think this is true.with my ex best friend who decide leave me for her new friends . But it's also apart of my current relationship now.I feel like I'm not apart of anyone's life anymore.

Did you really want to die? No. No one committed suicide because they want to die. Then why do they do it? Because they want to stop the pain.

Did you really want to die? No one committed suicide because they want to die. Then why do they do it? Because they want to stop the pain. I miss my Brother. He lost his battle with pqin to suicide on

Silly girl is learning.....still a student of this thing we call life.

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Silly stupid girl, you think you mattered to him? Well you really didnt! If you only knew how much we talked when he moved out there! It was the money ho the money!

This is why I've failed to let go. I know I was a better person when we shared…

Besitos my love. I think of you and love you as much as you do me. Connected forever, because we were meant for each other. "The only reason i won't let go of what is making me sad is because it was the only thing that made me happy"

The sad, unfortunate truth...

Why do we fall in love with people we can't have? Truth is, knowing you all this…