The 19 best places for buying crystals wholesale, as recommended by crystal master Ashley Leavy.

20 Places to Buy Healing Crystals Wholesale - Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy

3 Easy steps to make this fresh multi-strand bracelet.

Crystal Glass Beaded Three-Strand Bracelet - Fresh three-strand bracelet made with light colored crystal glass beads and sliver tube beads, you can quickly finish it within few minutes.

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about using crystals.Why do certain crystals need cleansing (as opposed to physical ‘cleaning’)?When crystals first come out of the ground, they may pass through many hands before eventually finding their ‘home’ - from the miner, packer, distributor, jewelry designer, wholesaler and so on. Any crystal possesses…

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When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.

A pair of 18k yellow gold earrings with small quartz crystal lens' set in scalloped bezels hand made by Gabriella Kiss.

A pair of yellow gold earrings with small quartz crystal lens’ set in scalloped bezels hand made by Gabriella Kiss.

The birth of a sapphire  #geology

Sapphire Gemstones A SUPERB, gemmy, doubly terminated sapphire crystal from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka. Ex Irv Brown TN Collection.

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Luxurious Foaming Bath Butter Parfait!  Looks so creamy and feels amazing! You know how good the food pictures of a traditional Parfait look? Well this recipe for a foaming bath butter parfait will look so delicious you might take a bite!  You will be tempted anyway! This recipe calls for a double batch of Foaming...  Read more »

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