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Did Jefferson father his slave's son? New study suggests boy's dad was actually president's BROTHER

Thomas Jefferson Slave Sally | Study doubts claims Thomas Jefferson fathered his slave Sally Heming's ...


President Abraham Lincoln, who was shot on April 14th, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth in Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C., just five days after the surrender of the Civil War's Confederate leader, General Lee. He died the following morning

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Thomas Jefferson Was a Timelord [Pic]

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"You could go back to your life, Pheebs" Adam says. "You can be safe again" "No, i can't. I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery because they're are people that need us to protect them for the things they don't know"


Sarah "Sally" Hemings (1773 – 1835) was an enslaved woman of mixed race owned by President Thomas Jefferson and rumored to have had a long-term relationship and 6 children with him (four survived and all gained freedom). The youngest of six siblings by the planter John Wayles and his slave Betty Hemings, Hemings was a half-sister of Mr Jefferson's wife (Martha Wayles Skelton)


Thomas Jefferson Randolph (September 12, 1792 – October 8, 1875) of Albemarle County was a planter and politician who served in the Virginia House of Delegates, was rector of the University of Virginia, and was a colonel in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. He was notable as the oldest grandson of President Thomas Jefferson. He helped manage Monticello near the end of his grandfather's life and was executor of his estate.