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R.I.P.Jonathan Daniels and God Bless You....Minister Daniels was, a minister who answered Dr. King's call to come to Selma, Alabama to support the Selma to Montgomery March. He was one of the few who stayed back after the march was over and was shot point blank in the chest by a deputized segregationist while trying to buy his fellow black protesters a Coca Cola.

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Rosa Parks booking photo. She was prosecuted along with Martin Luther King, Jr and 91 others for starting the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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Why Race Matters

Was a change, however the act was only a step in the right direction and was a watershed moment as after this many more laws were passed; also showed that King's leadership and patience had achieved something and this was a great inspiration to many.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Activity For Kids

MLK Craft Activity for Kids—How Would You change the world? Dr. King was an inspiring person who believed in equality for all people. He lead the civil rights movement which changed many laws in the United States and helped put an end to discrimination. Try this fun project with your kids, it will get them thinking about how they might like to change the world. #crafts #kids #MLK

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Cranach, Lucas the Elder 1472–1553. “Portrait of a girl”, c. 1520. (According to old but unreliable tradition, this is a portrait of Martin Luther’s daughter Magdalena, who was, however, only born in 1529). Oil on wood, 36.5 × 26cm.

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King In 1952, Coretta was introduced to Martin Luther King Jr. She saw a man looking for a wife, though she wasn’t sure she was ready. Yet, she trusted her gut, and opened up to the man who she would eventually marry in 1953, and would soon become one of the greatest civil rights leaders of our time. After his assassination, she showed unmatched strength and courage as she continued to keep his legacy alive until her death in 2006 at the age of 78

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Donald Trump starts MLK weekend by attacking civil rights hero John Lewis

John Lewis, who was beaten by state troopers during the historic 1965 march in Alabama, is the first leading Democrat to publicly question Trump’s right to govern.

Martin Luther King writing/art project

Here is a fun way to combine art with writing with social studies! I have included variations to be used at K-2. There are two pages with a prompt and one without.