Map of the World? It is claimed that this is an eighth century copy of the map Admiral Zheng He made in 1418. The map clearly shows the new ...

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Facts on Christopher Columbus for kids

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Nine historical myths we need to stop believing

Portrait of Queen Isabella I of Castile mother of Henry VIII's first wife, Katherine of Aragon.

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Mrs. Doubtfire. Or, if you're an Arrested Development fan, this could be called Mrs. Featherbottom....

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Fun facts: The center of this castle was built in 1290. To put that into perspective: That's exactly 200 years before Christopher Columbus first set foot on American ground. It was never destroyed and has remained in the possession of the original family since day one. Pretty crazy to think about.

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Queen Isabella I 1451-1504 Together with her husband, Ferdinand II of Aragon, Queen Isabella I ruled Castile and Aragon. Their rule effected the permanent union of Spain and the beginning of an overseas empire in the 'New World' led by Christopher Columbus under Isabella's sponsorship.

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