Who sings hello

hey im dove. peyton is my brother. im 16 and single. i love to sing and hang out with friends

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Miranda Sings - this girl Colleen (who is actually a singer/comedian) has so much awkward that she created an alter ego for it. And I love her.

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Hello. This is singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes. | An Open Letter To Anyone Who Doesn't Know Who Shawn Mendes Is

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"A very rare example of the work of Hans Krouchdaler (Bern, Switzerland, ca. 1700), who, although residing in Bern, can be thought of as being a representative of the Alemanisch School. He was a pupil of perhaps the most significant luthier of this school, Joseph Meyer, from Pfaffenhausen, Germany."

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"Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a wonderful day I have a beautiful feeling that everything is going my way." My mom used to sing that to me when I was little all the time. It's funny how these things come back to you at random times. Now when I wake up with that song in my head I feel like she's saying hello to me! Does anyone know who sings that?

If you did not sing this in your head then you are no friend of mine.
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