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You Need To Educate Yourself On Shawn Mendes Like Right Now

Hello. This is singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes. | An Open Letter To Anyone Who Doesn't Know Who Shawn Mendes Is

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Pearl Bailey is often forgotten as one of Hollywood's most beautiful women due to the era when Hollywood did not find women of color as beautiful. Hollywood was wrong because Ms. Pearl is a beautiful classic and timeless beauty that is often emulated.

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Protect yourself , and walk away from people who play the victim. I stand and deal with whatever comes my way!!!

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I hate that Harry Styles is trying to copy the Lucker Stomp and I think Harry is the WORST person alive and should never do that again

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Doctor Who Official on

Doctor Who Cristmas Special The Husbands of River Song<<< watched this with my parents on Christmas. One: why does Moffat have to do this to us, I mean come on, it's Christmas! But I shall not stop watching, no I shan't! It's Christmas! Two: my parents had no idea why I was so upset and why this episode was sooooo sad

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Miranda Sings - this girl Colleen (who is actually a singer/comedian) has so much awkward that she created an alter ego for it. And I love her.

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Hey! I'm Niomi, (I was PJ) IM engaged to Marcus Butler. Our wedding is July 12th if you want to come ill invite you! Im 21 and i have a daughter named Jade, i love singing acting and recording videos for youtube!

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