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Hahah Peter got his homework done. Aunt May said he could go out and play :) - visit to grab an unforgettable cool 3D Super Hero T-Shirt!


Search dancing Spider-Man on tumblr, it's so entertaining I've laughed so hard playing different song for him and watching him dance perfectly to them


superhero party game ‘Pass the Kryptonite’. The tiny heroes all sat in a circle and while music played we passed ‘kryptonite’ (green glow sticks bundled together!). When the music stopped, the guest with the glow sticks was out (since kryptonite is bad for super powers, you know!) But there were no worries for these tykes, ‘getting out’ simply meant that it was time for them to jump up and grab a plate of munchies and find their seat at the table so they could rejuvenate their powers.