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Who Is President

FREE ELECTION DAY RESOURCE~ Electing the US President is a short, printable book about how the US President is elected. Page headings include: Representative Democracy, Issues You Care About, Political Parties, Primary Elections, Political Conventions, Registering to Vote, How to Vote, Who Wins? (the Electoral College), and The Presidential Term.


A FREE PowerPoint presentation to help teach about President's Day!

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14 Calming Down Tips for Angry Kids

Clever! send kids to cool down before the tantrum, as opposed to after. Great alternative to time out.

from Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

How To Manage Students Who Are Demanding Your Attention

Are you a middle school or elementary teacher who is frustrated by lines of students wanting your attention? You are going to want to check out this post containing an easy strategy that both you AND your substitute teachers will love!

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The U.S. Presidents Word Search Puzzle

This is a word search puzzle containing all of the presidents' last names from Washington through Obama. For the presidents who share last names, ...

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Mindset Moments: Showcasing Student Growth

Take time to reflect on student learning and create “Mindset Moments.” These small moments used to reflect on growing as a learner benefit not just those who share, but every student in your class.


The Best Of #Harry Potter Lulz

Anyone who knows me knows that I love this. Neville was my absolute favorite character.>>>TEAM NEVILLE FOREVER! also "chuck norris's patronus is neville longbottom"

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Presidents I HAVE WHO HAS

Here is a printable game to help your students review the Presidents of the United States. Play the game with your students over and over again un...

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U.S. Presidents Unit- A Research Unit for United States Presidents

This unit is perfect for students who are learning how to use informational text and studying The United States and the presidents. Students will first learn how to use the text features in informational text including the table of contents and index. Then, students will be assigned a president and a partner to work with. Students will have a U.S. Presidents Research Journal that they will use as a guide as they research about the United States Presidents and their assigned president.