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Morph's back on TV after 15 years

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Designed to give an optical illusion of strength and security - hinge packing tape by Korean Collective mmiinn.

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Love kitchen gadgets? Here are a few that you might want, but probably do not need.
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Hewlett-Packard (HP) Fourier Analyzer 5451A, one of the first calculator - computer in the world. A funny photographic poster done by Berkeley University students in 1972. The text "A Frenchman invented it" is written at the base of the miniskirt. It is a joke between the Mathematician Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier and the inventor of the miniskirt, both French!

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Pi Day 2015: meet the man who invented π

Pi formula Meet William Jones, the guy who invented Pi; party like it's 3.14159265

New spray-on solar technology can turn all windows and other exposed surfaces into solar panels. A film of light absorbing meta-nano-particles is sprayed on surfaces like windows to make them capable of trapping the sunlight and converting it to electricity. Perhaps one of the most advanced solar inventions, spray-on films can generate electricity on see-through glass and even exterior walls. However, this technology is still mostly restricted to the lab.

Pi Day 2015: meet the man who invented π

Anglesey-born William Jones was the first person to use the Greek letter π for the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. But who was this little-known figure?

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