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from November Sunflower

EcoStatic Glue Free WhiteBoard Sheets

EcoStatic Inc WhiteBoard Sheets #shopletreviews #sponsored #officesupplies


Kids love using whiteboards. Make a simple one for under 10 cents using a sheet of paper and a sheet protector.


thealreadyrestless: “ So recently I have been working 30-40 hours a week. (Actually 44 hours one week!) This means I have been too busy to study because if I’m not working, I’m resting trying to make...


"First we put laminate over the light box so children could use dry erase markers. We used coloured transparency paper to cut whimsical shape of water, tree and grass" play based inquiry


To use a magnet page, begin by printing off the worksheet. Purchase circular Expo Brand whiteboard magnets. I have seen them at Sam's Club, sometimes packaged with push pins, or on EBay. Have the children put the paper on a cookie sheet. I recommend the Bakers Secret brand one that is 9x13. Have the children complete the picture by putting a magnet in each circle. Some people use pompoms or bingo markers with them. Th

A Little Learning For Two: Whiteboard Reveal Activity - Phonics Sheets

Get your children to hold up a blank whiteboard and take their photo. Then you can use them for displaying letters, words, numbers... ABC Does Ltd


Erasable Lap Boards Set of 10 ( 530451), Blank Music Sheets, Staff Paper &…