The ONLY way to produce a tiger or lion with a white coat is through inbreeding brother to sister or father to daughter; generation after generation after generation. The kind of severe inbreeding that is required to produce the mutation of a white coat also causes a number of other defects in these big cats.

1 in 4 tiger cubs from a white tiger bred to an orange tiger carrying the white gene are born white, and of those die from birth defects.

Bengal Tiger Facts

Facts About the Bengal Tiger That Will Leave You Flabbergasted

white Tiger-rarely survive in the wild because their camouflage is taken away. white tigers often have health problems from inbreeding in zoos because white tigers are so rare.

Don't go near my cubs.

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White tigers are large at birth and also during maturity stage .the white tigers are especially in captivity in zoos worldwide .

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Bengal tigers live in India and are sometimes called Indian tigers. They are the most common tiger and number about half of all wild tigers.

White Tiger Facts - White Tiger

~ Born Free ~ The Original Movie Theme by Pianist Roger Williams. This is a wonderful song from a Great movie. Enjoy the BIG CATS that are unfortunately an endangered species. Yes for sure a personal favorite of mine.

DO NOT Make White Tiger Angry - EVER !!

Do not make White Tiger angry ever. Incident take place in National Park of Bangalore when suddenly two White Tiger started fighting in wild.

White Tiger Facts

Facts About White Tigers That Will Take Your Breath Away

You might have seen mobile or desktop wallpapers of the majestic white tigers. But did you know, they are susceptible to postural problems and weak immune system, despite being the second largest species of Tiger?

White Tigers:    Only the bengal tigers and siberian tigers are known the produce white tigers, both parents must carry a specific gene in order for a white tiger to be produced. White tigers can have stripes that are anywhere from a black to a light tan color. In fact the snow tigers are the same as white tigers but are just set aside as being different from them because they have less stripes and or less visable stripes.

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A female Bengal tiger. These are also known as golden tabby tiger. She has such beautiful and lovely eyes. ♥ Visit our Page -► ツ Amazing Facts & Nature ツ ◄- For more.

How I became a Murderer: The Story of a White Tiger

How I became a Murderer: The Story of a White Tiger

White Tiger: Compared to normal colored tigers without the white gene, white tigers tend to be somewhat bigger, both at birth and as fully grown big adults

Record size: Their uncle, Hercules (pictured), is officially the world's largest cat at 922 lbs and 131 inches long

A roaring success, the world's first white ligers: Four brothers are rarest big cats on the planet