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Giant White Oak Photograph -Fine Art Print


Autumn, brings childhood treasures of Fairy Acorn Cups & opening secret, prickly, envelopes, to reveal the magic of shiny, tawny, conkers.


White Oak (Quercus alba) According to Tallamy, ‘oaks are the quintessential wildlife plants: no other genus supports more species of Lepidoptera, thus providing more types of bird food, than the mighty oak’.


How to Grow an Oak Tree from an Acorn

Stick an acorn in some water, grow an oak tree. Sooo cute.


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from eHow

How to Start Oak Trees From Acorns

There are four main categories of oak trees including white oak, red oak, burr oak and pin oak. Each type of oak tree grows acorns and sheds them in autumn. Harvesting acorns to start oak trees is the first step in a yearlong process to obtain an oak tree sapling that is ready to transplant into a permanent place in the yard. This process includes...

The largest tree logged in the State of West Virginia, near Lead Mine, Tucker County, 1913. This white oak, as large as any California Sequoia, was probably well over 1,000 years old. It measured 13 feet in diameter 16 feet from the base, and 10 feet in diameter 31 feet from the base. - In 1870 there were over 10 million acres of virgin forests in WV and by 1920 the virgin timber was virtually gone.


There's many baby oak trees growing around our property, from acorns buried and forgotten by squirrels, and I protect all of the little trees.