super white girl problems

haha my DAD actually tried to do a typical w.p(white girl pose),and it was sad.

super white girl problems

albeit it's not just a white girl problem. someone always unnecessarily playing the race card

so this blog, super white girl problems, is freaking hilarious. and yeah.. i forgot deodorant at the gym last week or the week before. oops. hahaha

i don't understand people, she's my bestfriend we can hold hands if we feel like it.

I'll take them all, haha

So then you let them built up to like (gotta hit the triple point days). Then the BIG point perks are so hard to choose from or they suck.

White Diamond and Pink Diamond eye design prediction | Steven Universe | Know Your Meme

"I do think it’s cool that pearl and jasper are both famed war veteran dual-wielding gems, I’d love to see them challenge/talk to each other in the future"