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The White Morpho (Morpho polyphemus) is a white butterfly of Mexico and Central America, ranging as far south as Costa Rica. As suggested by its name, this is one of the relatively few morphos that is white rather than blue. (Photo by Kathryn Willett)

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Aporia crataegi, Black-veined white Butterfly. I like the glass look of the wings and think I could do a successful anatomical drawing of this butterfly.

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..Tears have a purpose. they are what we carry of the ocean, and perhaps we must become the sea, give ourselves to it, if we are to be transformed....

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Why the eff do all the butterfly photos have heart wrenching comment things? I'm changing this

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Small white butterfly egg. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of an egg of the small white butterfly (Pieris rapae). (x160) / Jo Angell Design

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Cabbage White Butterfly. I always heard that when you see a white butterfly it means someone in Heaven is thinking of you!!! Love this!!!

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