Make a holiday centerpiece in minutes. When guests are on the way, but your halls haven’t been decked, watch this video to see how to make an easy holiday centerpiece.

How to Make a Holiday Centerpiece

Why not make yours a reality? A crystal-draped white branch centerpiece amidst ice blue and white décor sets the perfect tone for your night as a princess. Want to really feel like Cinderella? Make your entrance in a classic stagecoach, and make your night royally remembered.

Beyond Flowers: Expand Your Idea of Décor

white tree branch for those allergic to flowers. for the geeks out there can be represented as the white tree of Gondor

Silver Manzanita Branch Centerpiece by Jen's Blossoms - purple and silver, and easy to DIY (sorry Jen)

Purple, Lavender & Bling: Tabletop Inspiration

PineCones and candles inspired winter wedding centerpieces

20 Perfect Centerpieces for Romantic Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Silver Branches :  wedding blue branch branches centerpiece centerpieces diy reception silver winter IMG 6412

Winter Wedding Silver Branches : centerpiece centerpieces diy reception silver winter IMG 6412 - Add a bunch of polyhedral dice purchased in bulk to fill up the base