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"They said, "Be the person you needed as a kid" this honestly changed me into who I am today."

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Thankfully I use Yahoo.They don't track everything I do and sell the information. You have NO PRIVACY with Google.

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"I own a bakery. Once I had a customer tell me to give her bread for free because she knew the owner if I didn't she'd get me fired. "I responded, I am the owner and I've never met you in my life " "

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"That fail moment when you pull your blankets up and punch yourself in the face"

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"the internet has taught me more about feminism, gender, sexuality and mental illness than school and it shouldn't be like that"

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"I'm an attractive, well educated, classy, and honest woman... who farts, pees in the shower, forgets to brush, and wears the same bra at least 10 times before I wash it."

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I have consumer science at school we sewed, cooked, baked and talked about money and chevks

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"My 12 year old son decorated our tree to surprise me. When he showed me he said look mom I even put an Angel on the top. It was the picture of his brother who passed away last November. "

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"The only problem with being genuinely nice to everyone is that you end up feeling consantly disappointed that people don't treat you like you treat them."

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Clever, but not the best out ever.

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