Which fitbit to buy

Fitbit Charge HR. Has a heart rate monitor which seems pretty cool (if not completely unnecessary...) Not too sure when it's released in Australia yet though...

Hidrate Me is a smart water bottle that tracks your water intake and syncs with an app on your phone. The Hidrate Me app tracks your progress, sends notifications if you forget to drink, and displays your hydration history. Drink more water so you are energized to do the things you love. www.hidrate.me

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A waterproof fitness tracker watch with wrist heart rate monitor and a colour touchscreen. Customise yours with colourful wristbands. Read more.

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Thrive from Le-Vel. Buy Le-Vel Thrive products online at retail or join Le-Vel free as a Promoter, get your own free Le-Vel website, and get your Thrive products at the lower Le-Vel Promoter prices.

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