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Where Was Grease Filmed

This is beautiful cleavage, suggests something or not but wouldn't you want to take the time to know more?

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You want to know something weird? I've had this blog for almost two years and I've never written a post about villains. Why? I have absolu...

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True Story: When I was little I really really wanted a pair of leather pants (because Sandy wore them). My mom finally gave in and bought me a pair for my birthday. They were skin tight, hotter than hell, and made walking a bitch. How Sandy did it I don't know... My mom makes fun of me for it every time I watch this movie.

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I guess I should do the hundred things about me challenge so here we go

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tell me more..tell me more Grease 2nd fav song!!! sing it all the time

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Which Fictional High School Clique Do You Belong In?

I should've gone to Rydell High School, I sort of belong there. Or I should have at least been a 60s teen. God damn this generation.

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