Where to buy tieks

Here are some colors that go great together! This will help you buy pieces that will work together and to buy pieces to match what you already have! <3

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I started seeing Tieks pop up on my social media a couple years ago, but whenever I thought about buying them I would convince myself I didn’t need another pair of ballet flats to add to my almost outrageously large collection. Yes, I have a little bit of a shoe addiction, and that’s especially true when it comes to flats. I’ve tried so many different designer brands I’ve lost count, always in search for something both comfortable and chic.

Want a pair of Tieks ballet flats but can't decide which pair to splurge on? Here's tons of photos of Tieks with side by side comparisons.

I really like the idea of comfortable, quality shoes and that a portion of the proceeds go to enabling women throughout the world.

$165 Tieks fold-able Italian leather flats in Clover Green... one day they will be mine!

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