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bottles Pic is from and has no instructions but pretty simple Using jute/twine wrap around your bottles (I would use a little craft glue where your going to wrap the twine) add old chains and jewelry to them. fun to go thrift store shopping for old necklaces and more to decorate these With these your only limited by your imagination

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South Fork

A great list of hiking trails in the South Fork area of Colorado. This is part of the San Luis Valley where you can find the National Sand Dunes Park just north east of Alamosa, CO - Use Google Maps. Foursquares sucks. I wish Pinterest would switch to Google Maps

Maggi Hambling, Summer Wave Tossing Sand -- I would buy a copy of this (could never afford the original) if I could figure out where to get it. Most beautiful piece of art ever.

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{Busy Times Ahead}

Outdoor play kitchen. This would be a great opportunity to practice transferring skills. Transferring water from jars to glasses or using spoons and bowls. It will be a perfect introduction to quantity and estimation as well as the notion of "0" (nothing), children love this kind of activities!!

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Beach Towel Clip: anchors your beach towel down in four corners, so it stays where you want it to be and flat when you stretch out in the sun. Where has this been all my life?

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