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Family Research Institute: ‘Capital Punishment Is Warranted’ For Homosexuality

Great, her mother-in-law is also her aunt   advocating abuse that led to her savage murder.  EVIL

Germany - muslim man murders his 18 year old wife for being too independent, he stabber her 46 times, beat her and then ran over her with his car.

In London, Mitt Banks on the Wrong Horse | Money & Politics, What Matters Today |  >>Good link - I think the lie about Obama fundraising in Paris was to cover up Romney in London

In London, Mitt Banks on the Wrong Horse | Money & Politics, What Matters Today | >>Good link - I think the lie about Obama fundraising in Paris was to cover up Romney in London

If Not Us, Who? If Not Now, When?" - John. F. Kennedy (D)..If JFK were alive today and running for office...He would be a member of the Tea Party...That`s how much America has changed for the worst...Remember he hated Communism with a passion and believed in America Exceptionalism and its`s Greatness...He would call The Democratic Party of today TRAITORS to his Country......WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

I think this is communism because its a political theory leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

In October 2012 Autumn Pasquale, 12, was murdered by black brothers Justin and Dante Robinson, then aged 15 and 17. The brothers lured her to their home in Clayton, New Jersey, under the pretence of exchanging BMX bike parts, then beat and strangled her to death. The boys have been charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, disposing of a body, tampering with evidence and theft. Justin was also charged with luring. Surprise, surprise... once again... no HATE CRIME CHARGES.

'They treated Autmn like a piece of trash': Mother's despair and fury as 12-year-old daughter found in garbage bin after two teen brother killed her over bicycle parts

Where was the outrage for this young white girl murdered by black boys? Where were the great Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson? Where was the little girl from Michelle? Fires, looting, riots, football players showing up with bicycles? Not one word!


Our Syria, our Syria

Well, son, I'll tell you: Life for me ain't been no crystal stair. I  But alll the time  I'se been a-climbin' on,  And reachin landin's;  And turnin' corners,  And sometimes goin' in the dark  Where ther ain't been no light.  So boy, don't you turn back.  Don't you set down on dem steps  'Cause you finds it's kinder hard.  Don't you fall now-  For I'se still goin' honey.  I'se still climbin' on  And life for me ain't been no crystal stair.                                     -Langston Hughes

President Barack Obama meets with senior advisors in the Oval Office, Saturday, Dec. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

EXACTLY....ITS America people and we have MORONS protesting the AMERICAN FLAG! THERE IS something SERIOUSLY WRONG TODAY IN our Nation!!! Where are the Protests to Ban Islam’s Black Flag?

Where are the Protests to Ban Islam’s Black Flag? We fly the American flag here. You will not change America and OUR foundational TRUTHS.

"Lupus is the ultimate autoimmune disease," nephrologist Dr. Naveed N. Masani says. "60-90% of patients with the disease have kidney involvement."

How Selena Gomez's lupus led to a kidney transplant

[audio] Mar 8 - 5 things you need to know this weekend - This weekend marks the anniversary of the marches in Selma, Ala. Here are 5 things you need to know about the anniversary.

No one runs their house like this, if so we'd all be bankrupt. Where is your common sense!?

If you're not outraged, then you're probably economically illiterate. Speaking of half of the American voters, who are clueless about the state of our economy today and our economic future in the months and years ahead.

M-DSPD Cover Up – The Curious Case Of Trayvon Martin’s Backpack With Stolen Jewelry and Burglary Tool… | The Last Refuge-Trayvon-not the innocent child media portrayed.

(Update Part III): “Operation Zero Footprint” – What We Know About The Benghazi Mission and Subsequent Attack…

Harsh verbal discipline, such as yelling and swearing, increases the risk that teens will misbehave and exhibit symptoms of depression.

Parents: Yelling and swearing at teens can backfire

Ignore the picture. Eighty-six your clutter  A great article on how to start getting rid of stuff. Always wanting to downsize and feel overwhelmed? This simple project will help get the ball rolling

Eighty-Six Your Clutter

My 100 Thing Challenge