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Where Is Bohemia

Hotel Tour: A Colorful, Eccentric Puerto Rican Guest House

Name: The Dreamcatcher Guesthouse, owned by Sylvia and Stephan Location: Ocean Park — San Juan, Puerto Rico Size: 4,000 square feet Years open: 4 years When my partner and I drove into the gated Ocean Park community, we had to circle the block a couple of times before we found The Dreamcatcher guesthouse, where we were staying during our trip to Puerto Rico. Aside from a bold red fence, its plant-covered facade is non-descript, showcasing only small black letters on a white wall. But…

For Bananenblatt

This is likely what my barge would look like. If there is space, let us fill it.


Mmm... this is very me. May reserve for the loft or less trodden corners of the house.


Women Barefoot Sandal Ancient Rome. A pair of handcrafted barefoot sandals, with bronze antique chain. *They have a round bronze metallic charm in the center from where 3 rows of chain are griped until the back of the foot. *The closure is adjustable. It has a bronze clasp at the back.* **You can wear them barefoot in the beach or with your favorite pair of sandals even high heels!**


79: If you are talking to someone who has hidden something you're looking for, talk to them about the object. People will usually look at the spot where they have hidden it.


This photograph has everything my soul is, when anxiety is no longer. Anne Menke, « The New World » with Linda Vojtova, Elle 2006.


Boho curtains! Different colors of fabric to match any style. Very cozy and fun!!!! Each set is one of a kind standard size 32x84 alternate



travelingcolors: Adrspach Rocks, Bohemia | Czech Republic (by Aleksandra Piechorowska)

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