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Where is bohemia

Mmm... this is very me. May reserve for the loft or less trodden corners of the house.

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For Bananenblatt

This is likely what my barge would look like. If there is space, let us fill it.

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79: If you are talking to someone who has hidden something you're looking for, talk to them about the object. People will usually look at the spot where they have hidden it.

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The House - SANSPARAPLUIE.COM. Part of the appeal for me of rooms like these is the memory of being a girl in houses where women had rooms like this, and they read strong poetry and drank strong coffee and laughed with their children and with friends and lovers.

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Twinkling lights and birdling flights, candles flickering and a scent, a scent so intense and delicious, it exquisitely delights! There is a party in the woods, I can see it from here. Let's follow a path through the trees, to where a warm glow draws us in, to a place of magical merriment!

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I love this; I just don't know what it is. I'd like to place my order but the slot where you put in the money has rusted shut.

Bohemian style moon shaped lampshade on Antique bridge lamp. Not sure where this is from, but it's lovely.

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