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Every year the delta lands in Northern Botswana are fed by floodwaters coming down from Angola. The slowly seeping water gives life to dormant plants and fills the rivers where hippos wallow and crocodiles lie in wait for antelope and zebra to drink along the banks.

Part 2: 4 This picture represents a king which is what Angola gets its name from. When Portugal arrived in what is now Angola, they were situated in a part with several kingdoms, one of them being Kingdom Ndongo. The current king was King Ngola. This is where Angola gets its name from. Discover Beauty of Namibia by sandraruiz90 -Namibia is one of the nations in Africa with a very unique environment. The country boarders South Africa and Angola. Namibia has fantastic picturesque locations consisting of dunes that extend into the Atlantic Ocean. The dunes develop lovely scenes you will never discover anywhere else. Where should you spend your time the next time you visit Namibia?. Tags: TravelSunriseNamibiaSunsetWildlifeAdventureExplore

Charcoal chicken with piri piri sauce

Charcoal chicken with piri piri sauce | This recipe is a derivation of the famous spicy piri piri sauce from Angola, where Luis’ grandmother devised a marinade and sauce that would later travel the world. Angola was of course a colony of Portugal and many Portuguese families were encouraged to settle there. The Fernandez family was one.

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Where is Angola? What about Ethiopia or Nigeria? Can your kids find them on a map? Want to know something funny? Many children and adults around the world thin

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Where the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Began The men, women and children needed to fuel the trans-Atlantic slave trade were initially snatched from their lives in Senegambia (Senegal and The Gambia) and the Windward Coast. Around 1650, slave traders moved their operations to West-Central Africa (the Kingdom of the Kongo and neighboring Angola). According to author […]