Where is adele from

Atelier Bingo is Max & Adèle. The couple recently escaped the Parisian bustle and constant distraction for life in a renovated factory in countryside of France, where they pour they time, energ...

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Good afternoon friends, followers and visitors, warm welcome to new followers , thank you for joining me. Bad weather here today, makes you wonder where this rain and winds is coming from..roll on spr

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rab a can of texturizing spray or dry shampoo — Tran prefers Oribe's Dry Texture Spray — and blast the roots of your hair, holding the spray 12 inches away from your head. Go section by section, and slowly layer the spray into your locks, avoiding the ends.

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50+ best African print dresses | Looking for the best & latest African print dresses? From ankara Dutch wax, Kente, to Kitenge and Dashiki. All your favorite styles in one place (+ where to get them). Click to see all! Ankara | African print

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@Regrann from @17thsoulja4 - #AGonIGSoapbox: #Adele pulled back the curtain to what many in the audience were thinking. I know many in Staples were shocked that she was telling the TRUTH SO LOUD but ask yourself this: Why can The Empress or other Black Artists NOT win the most coveted award in Music? I surmise that the "voters" in Beyonce's case feel "Eh it's too easy for her. She does all that stuff naturally and doesn't have to work at it like Adele." The Empress gets punished because…

As The Avengers cast walked offstage from presenting a pair of awards at the Oscars, Robert Downey Jr. yelled, "Avengers, disassemble!"

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